Research Update

February 16, 2011

You may or may not have seen my slightly panicky/whiney posts on twitter yesterday re the ‘big experiment’. This was the follow up from the work I did last week: last week I isolated the T cells, had a slight crisis because I had ten fold fewer than I had expected, rejigged everything and added the T cells to 96 well plates to culture. On Friday I added the (killed) bugs and yesterday I used a (magic) kit to see if they had proliferated or not.

And the results…

Well I got some… there are some significant differences… and I have absolutely no idea what they mean because we did not get what we expected!

My supervisor last night seemed v enthusiastic (to the point that everyone in the lab has been asking me about them today) and this morning he seems almost as excited and seems to have several theories about what the results show. I on the other hand don’t really have a clue!

Oh well!

In an attempt to come to grips with it today I have minimised my lab work and am instead concentrating on the graphs I produced last night (and am probably going to have to look over some cell-mediated immunology again!) Hopefully I will have a eureka moment…


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