Arrrrrrgh gels!

February 22, 2011

There are some days when things just don’t seem to go as planned, and then there are other days when the lab reagents are just out to get you. Yesterday was one of the latter days! Yesterday I was making (trying to make) an SDS gel.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done SDS-PAGE. In the past I’ve had some lovely gels. In the past I’ve also had some gels that were truly disastrous! I have no idea what it was I did differently.

My gel yesterday: the resolving gel set in the tube I made it in really well – just not very well between the glass plates (and mystery air bubbles appeared when I know they weren’t there when I poured it); the stacking gel set between the plates but not in the tube.

It has reached the point where I now walk away from the gel leaving it to set as one has never set whilst I’ve been in the same room as it (I’m going with the theory of the watched pot etc.)

Has anyone out there got a foolproof technique for pouring these things? Otherwise I’m going to have to carry on crossing my fingers, leaving the room, and trusting to luck…



  1. […] for the silence – I’ve been battling with the western blots again and by the time I’ve made it home each night all I have wanted to do is collapse into bed […]

  2. This is a bit late but did you de-gas the gel before pouring it? It often isn’t a problem unless its been stirred to vigorously.

    • I didn’t de-gas the gel. I think I was mixing too vigorously as I am much more careful not to introduce air to them now and they seem to be setting much more reliably. (Now I just have a problem with a leaky gel frame!)

      Thanks for commenting 😀

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