Update for April/May

May 20, 2011

So it’s been a little quiet here recently for a various reasons. 

The first was that I had a lovely holiday in the wilderness (there was no phone/internet signal!) being marched up and down hillsides by my other half.  This naturally led to me coming home and researching Lyme’s disease (because I am a true geek!) and that post should be up relatively soon.

The other reason was that I was busy stressing over writing an article for the Wellcome Trust/Guardian science writing competition.  I sincerely doubt I’ll get anywhere as there are too many amazing writers out there but I learnt a lot from it. 

A few of those things:

  1. My first draft is inevitably brain vomit.  I seem to need the vomit out of my head before I can write something coherent.  Note to self:DO NOT GIVE COPY OF BRAIN VOMIT TO FRIENDS – it is just embarrassing!
  2. Speaking of friends – mine are all far too lovely.  They were all happy to correct SPAG (spelling punctuation and grammar for those not familiar with the acronym) stuff but only two passed any critical comment on the content.
  3. Also on the topic of friends – every single person I felt brave enough to inflict my writing on has scientific training to at least A-level standard and generally higher (well except my other half, but I have been wittering on to him about the topic for ages so he probably knows the material nearly as well as me by now).  This is not ever so useful when your piece is aimed at non-scientists. 
  4. Being in a silent room is essential for organising my brain.  It also helps if there is no one else in the room as I talk aloud.  A lot.  I also pace.
  5. When I am ready to throw my laptop across the room it is probably time to put the article away for 24 hours and concentrate on something else.

 Hopefully the experience will also improve my posts on here.

Fingers crossed anyway 🙂


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